Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

It is our duty here at to ensure the information that our users give us is amply protected. All the information that we gather on this site or any site that we own and operate is strictly gathered through legal means and with the user's full consent.

Be advised that the only time we ask you to submit personal details is when it's a key requirement to offer the desired service. As well, we inform our users why we need such details. Such data is only stored for the time that it would be required to render the services you have requested.

In order to curb unauthorized access, copying and disclosure of users' details, we have integrated adequate security measures within our network. Also, we do not, in any way, share the users' data publicly, unless under strict directions by the law.

Please keep in mind that all members reserve the right to agree or decline any requests to upload or submit personal details and/documents bearing in mind that the desired services may be denied.

You'll find hyperlinks on leading to external websites commonly known as third-party. Please be advised that third-parties are self-regulating; therefore, we neither have any power over them nor the contents and/material they put up. In essence, we're not answerable for their actions in any way.

By making use of this site ( and the services found here, you consent to our practices affecting the privacy of personal data. If you have concerns at all, about personal information and how we share it, feel free to talk to us via the channels provided.